Tracking Value in the Circular Economy

Measure, track, scale and validate the impact of your business in the circular economy.

What Is Orobo?

Orobo is a business intelligence platform that enables you to bring together the people, partners and data from your supply-chain, helping you make strategic decisions throughout your product's life-cycle, enabling your organisation's transformation in order to participate in the circular economy.

A circular economy aims to locate, retrieve, maintain or increase value, by transitioning from a 'take-make-waste' system to an ecosystem economy by closing the loops:

  • Limiting the environmental impact and waste of resources
  • Increasing efficiency throughout the product economy, providing profitability and resilience
  • Creating value of what is considered worthless or wastage

Our Solution For You

The linear supply-chain driven economy is harming our planet via the sub-optimal usage of materials and energy (re)sources. In addition, not closing the loop leads to the loss of profitable opportunities.

Orobo facilitates the implementation of your circular economy initiative by optimising the available capacities or assets that are often under-utilised.

Our Solution for You

Orobo Technology

A user-friendly platform that allows for seamless tracking of your value-chain, pinpointing value loss and highlighting opportunities for resource recovery – supported by real data.

Orobo Technology
  • Track the value and capture data with the help of new technologies such as IoT, smart contracting and blockchain applications, throughout the product's use cycle
  • Measure performance and strategise your business impact with an online dashboard
  • Compare your sustainable efforts against other industry players
  • Easily search and match with partners, creating new synergies and close loops (from a linear to a circular economy)
  • Provide business and operation traceability, as well as transparency to stakeholders and customers
  • Stay ahead of governmental initiatives by meeting future procurement policies through a circular approach

We can place our trust in community-owned and -operated software, transforming the Internet's governing principle from “don’t be evil” to “can’t be evil”.

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